NASCAR: J.J. Yeley Will Face No Further Penalties After Chicago

Toby ChristieSenior Analyst IJuly 13, 2008

There were reports that the No. 96 team, with driver J.J. Yeley at the wheel, had hidden lead in their driver drinking water system in the car, then before the race replaced it with the real drinking system, in an effort to lighten up the race car. 

It turns out that these reports were false. The 96 car did suffer a problem with the drinking system in the car before the race at Chicago, so they did replace it, but the one lap penalty at the start of the race will be all that is dished out to the DLP Hall Of Fame Racing team, which is a satellite team for Joe Gibbs Racing.

"They were replacing or changing out their drink system without NASCAR's supervision, and we take moving weight around in the car seriously," said Robin Pemberton, the circuit's vice president for competition. "...We're comfortable with what the car's weight was before the start of the race. As far as we know [Saturday], we're all flush. They've served out penalties."

Team co-owner Tom Garfinkel had this to say after the race:

"I think there were a couple of mistakes that were made by our crew that were honest mistakes ... [and] NASCAR had reason to believe we were doing something we shouldn't have been doing," he said. "We weren't doing it, but they had reason to believe that because of some mistakes in procedure that we made."

J.J. Yeley ended up 24th in Saturday night's race at Chicago.  The finish moved him up two spots in the point standings from 38th to 36th.  According to NASCAR officials, that position should be safe—at least for this week.