Duke In The Final Against The Hottest Team In The Nation

Austin GradeContributor IApril 4, 2010

The favored Dukies against the hometown hero Bulldogs. Thats the storyline for this year's national title. Duke has the 3 S's, and and Butler has Howard, Mack,  and the baby faced assassin. Oh yea, and the home crowd right behing them. The Devils hold the advantage in every major area, and this would be the perfect send-off for seniors Jon Scheyer and co.

Duke will have to keep the crowd out of the gameand take control right away. Everyone knows Duke can overwhelm Butler, but thats what everyone thought the last 3 games for the teams against Butler. Yet, can the media, and the David-vs-Goliath comparisons are amping up the Bulldogs to get a very good finale.

My prediction is Duke: 67 Butler: 58