Why Manhattan Basketball's Barry Rohrssen Should Not Bolt for St. John's

Jesse KramerCorrespondent IApril 4, 2010

The question about Barry Rohrssen's future has not yet been answered. However, new information is slowly being released and the situation seems to be moving along. 

St. John's head coach Steve Lavin has been trying to contact Rohrssen since he was hired. There have been reports of Rohrssen receiving phone calls from Lavin, and the Daily News' Sean Brennan reported that Rohrssen is set to have a meeting with Lavin sometime after the final four. 

It is hard to tell whether it would benefit Manhattan if Rohrssen left. Rohrssen has brought Manhattan nowhere in his four years as head coach, but he is finally bringing in a very good recruiting class that could potentially take Manhattan back to the top of the MAAC.

Whether it would be good or not for Manhattan does not matter for this article—this is about what is good for Rohrssen. 

Rohrssen is considered one of the top recruiters in the nation, especially for New York City. Assistant coaching jobs at top programs will always be open. This has show with the offer from Calipari last year and from Lavin this year, despite have poor seasons.

If Rohrssen can make significant improvements in Riverdale in 2010-11, he will be on track to build up a good mid-major program and continue his head coaching career. If he does not make big improvements, he will most likely be fired. Even if Lavin does not have a spot for him next season, some other coach at a big program will.

So Barry, the worst situation if you stay is that you are in the same exact situation.

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