My Pet Peeve: A Real Issue In Sports

N RContributor IApril 4, 2010

I'm sorry for those of you who think I shouldn't be writing this, but I think it's worth it. And I want to see what other fans think.

Why do people refer to their favorite team as if they were playing on the team itself? I've heard too much of "We need to win this game" or "If we acquire Johnny, we can definitely be the number 2 seed". And it gets even worse when the fav team wins. "Dude, did you see how we crushed the other team?"

First, you are not literally playing the sport. You are watching from the comfort of your home with grape soda in one hand, and a cookie in the other. Maybe you are at the stadium watching it live. You still are not wearing 50 pounds worth of pads or running from goal to goal. So how can you say "we are winning"?

Really, I see this as a sign of disrespect for the team. You are not winning the game for making the last-second bucket with .2 seconds left on the clock, but you still take credit for it. Why?

I think a lot of people say that it shows you are a fan. Well, I'm pretty sure you can be a fan without using, "we" and "us". Fans are a big part of the game, but they are just fans, not players. I'm not saying fans aren't important; they are definitely important. But without a team, there would be no fans. But without fans, there may still be a team (atleast for some time that is).

I know I may have thoroughly annoyed some of you with this, but it's just my opinion. Have a nice life.  

Can't wait 'till first pitch today!