Straight-Edge Society: CM Punk Goes Further

Zohair KhanContributor IApril 4, 2010

One week after we have witnessed Wrestlemania 26, it is time to have changes in the WWE. New rivalries, Plots, Roster changes, new champions (Swagger), etc. The one thing that came to my mind which would result in a worthwhile feud is the Straight-Edge Society led by CM Punk.

He already has Luke Gallows and Serena as his followers. I believe its time for him to expand.

Two possible people who I think can join are Rey Mysterio and Shad Gaspard. CM Punk would eventually defeat Rey Mysterio at Extreme Rules ( of course Rey will not be happy about being in this thing), and Shad Gaspard, just like Luke Gallows, would find his true place at the hands of CM Punk, since he's already broke up with the Cryme Tyme.

This would help the Straight-Edge society elevate in ranks and prove how dominant they are in the Smackdown! roster.

CM Punk would eventually become the top guy on the brand and would result in lots of feuds with different guys. This plot can be further advanced to Bragging Rights. CM Punk would once again try to expand his boundaries, and move to Raw, where is not welcome, and this would set a fight of the brands at the Pay-per-view.

And if given the victory, and maybe a championship for CM Punk, this would lead quite perfectly to the next Wrestlemania.

Thus expansion of the group would also legitimately place CM Punk as the top heel in the business. But the idea would also be criticised on grounds of making the Straight-Edge Society, another nWo I suppose.

Thanks for the read, and do post in your thoughts.