James Toney: Who Will He Go to War With First in UFC?

Tyson HarrisCorrespondent IApril 3, 2010

The big thing on my mind right now is who the UFC is going to put James Toney up against first.


After hearing reports of fighters like Randy Couture and Roy Nelson saying they would like to have first cracks at Toney, I thought you might as well throw him into a pool of sharks.


Toney likely has no ground game at all, so putting him up against a ju-jitsu guy or a wrestler would not be in his best interest; at least let the guy gets some practice on the ground.


Toney should fight a couple good strikers to give him some time to at least learn some grappling defense.


If Toney wants to prove that boxers are the best fighters in the world, let him start by giving him a couple good kickboxers. If Toney can’t get past a few ex-K1 fighters, then you know for sure he's not going anywhere in the UFC.


For his first fight I’d set him up against Mirko Filipović.


Now many would say putting Toney up against CroCop would be throwing Toney to the sharks but, if you really think about it Toney is probably as good of a kicker as CroCop is a puncher.


So if he could get past CroCop, then that would make things interesting and it would be a legit fight instead of making him fight Kimbo, who I would say is in the same boat as Toney.


If Toney beat CroCop he should fight a guy like Cheick Kongo.


After a fight or two against a few kick boxers, I would then put him in against Roy Nelson or maybe Gabriel Gonzaga, then maybe Frank Mir or Jr. Dos Santos. If he got through them, then I would test him against wrestlers like Cain Velasquez, Brock Lesnar, or Shane Carwin.


As for Randy, I don’t think Toney should fight him, unless it’s at 205, but I don’t think Toney would be able to make that cut.


Personally, I am not interested in seeing Randy fight heavyweight anymore, it’s a waste of Randy's time and who knows how much of that he has left.