Illinois Assisant Coach Applies For Head Coaching Job

Jonah PulsCorrespondent IApril 3, 2010

Illinois' assistant coach, Jay Price, has recently applied for head coach at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay according to Bruce Weber.

Wisconsin-Green Bay is searching for a new head coach after their most recent coach, Tod Kowalcyk, accepted a job offer to coach Tulsa.

There will be several other candidates competing for this job. Other names being discussed include Brian Wardle, Brad Soderberg, Kyle Green, and Paul Combs.

The job is a toss-up. Anyone can grab the job, and Bruce Weber is trying his best to campaign for Price.

Weber said, “Jay’s been instrumental in a lot of our success in winning Big Ten championships and making runs. I think he’s really grown as a coach basketball wise with his knowledge and preparation, and then he’s got a great background recruiting the Midwest. I’m from Milwaukee, and I know what they’re going to recruit at Green Bay, and that’s the kind of kids that Jay has dealt with and worked with.

“The thing, too, is he’s been great in our community as far as getting out and doing things with the alumni. There are so many demands here as the head coach that I have to use my assistants for some of that, and he’s been great at it.”

Weber appreciates all the work Price has done for him, and Weber is trying to point out all the things Price has done for them, both on and off the court.

Some things that stick out with Jay Price are; he's around 40, has 18 years of high-major experience, and has connections all over the Midwest.

Those are the intangibles that it takes to succeed at a D-1 program such an Wisconsin-Green Bay.

1-His years of experience are something that is necessary. When you are a assistant coach at a top-notch program such as Illinois, you pick up the skills it takes to win.

2-His connections over the Midwest are a huge plus. To be successful these days, you need to be a good recruiter. His connections will help him recruit and bring in the players he needs to lead the program.

I will be content with whatever happens to Jay Price.

If he leaves, I'll be happy that he'll be given the opportunity to show off his skills as a head coach, because I have seen the things he has provided for Illinois.

If he stays, I will happy that Illinois will be able to keep such an important person in the program.

Good luck Jay Price! I wish you the best of luck!