Wrestlers and Retirement: The Sad, The Bad and The Ugly

AustralianContributor IApril 3, 2010

Whats happening?


i hate seeing someone like abyss with hulks HOF ring. calling himself "abyssamania," or

the nature boy tearing up his rep on TNA, for brett to come back for a highly

anticipated match "13 years in the making" only to greatly dissapoint most. These guys

three of the greatest superstars of the last 20 years have retired on top only to

return and damage their legacy's and leave a bad taste in many

peoples mouths.


 In Terry and Rics case perhaps it could be said they are just trying to level the

playing field and offer people an alternative. Could this perhaps be done without them

involving themselves so heavily in storylines and getting in the ring for lathargic and

often embarrasing bouts. These legends, these greats, they don't deserve

this. When comparisons are made (which is inevitable) will these three truly stack up

against the others who chose to finish on top? can we help but think "Wow he was one

of the best, it was a shame when he came back and......."


I think the true test will be HBK. Can he prove that going out on top means something

to some and the that a wrestlers legacy is precious and to tarnish it in any way is a

terrible injustice.





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