Portsmouth: New Champions League Place Contenders?

Benjamin RogersAnalyst IJuly 13, 2008

After the great signing of Peter Crouch along with Jermain Defoe in January, can Portsmouth become the new Tottenham and fight for that fourth spot?

The FA Cup could be the key they needed to strike a place in the elite of Europe and if this year they have a successful UEFA Cup campaign they could very well challenge the top four.

They have good solid players like Defoe, Crouch, Kanu, Campbell and James which even at the older age still pulls off great saves.

They may be getting a new stadium and with the new stadium could come respect as a big club.

Money would be the only snag and a great European side has to have at least 25 million to spend every season. However I'm sure Harry can wheel and deal on a grander stage.

I'm only certain of one thing and that is that the next two to four years will be interesting for a promising club.