Wade Redden's Contract Clause Disclosed

Greg CaggianoSenior Writer IJuly 13, 2008

While reading the New York Post today, I finally learned the special clause Wade Redden has in his contract.

Before signing the six-year, $39-million deal Redden had asked Sather for a no-trade clause, something that the stubborn old GM very rarely does.

Sather told Redden he would not grant him a no-trade clause, but he would let Redden submit a list of teams to him that Redden would want to go to if the occasion to trade him ever arises. It was after this that Redden finally signed the contract and became a New York Ranger.

It was after finding this out that Larry Brooks offered this tongue-in-cheek comment that went something along the lines of, "Atlanta was not on his list, so if Waddell wants to trade Kovalchuk, the Rangers won't be able to send Redden there for him."

It's nice that a player wanted to come here so badly that he demanded a no-trade clause for a long-term contract, but hats off to Glen Sather for not giving in, just in case Redden turns out to be a fluke.

Please excuse the shortness of my last few Rangers articles, but because news has been very slow, the reporting has had to be done one event at a time.