GP2 Has a New Enemy: Formula Two.

Ryan WoodAnalyst IJuly 13, 2008

The FIA announced in June that it would like to start a new racing series that would be a feeder for Formula One. The imaginatively named Formula Two, should be up and running by 2009.  

Formula Two will be a low-cost version of F1, each car must run on a budget of less than €200,000 (£170,000) for the entire season. The season will run over 10 races in Europe between April and September, each event taking place over Saturday and Sunday, with one hour of free practice, one hour of qualifying, and then a race of approximately 175km.  

We could see our beloved teams, such as McLaren, Red Bull, Williams etc, taking part and bidding to supply cars for the new racing series. This would allow them to feed new talent into F1.  

Bernie Ecclestone has been quoted saying, "If Max manages to run a Formula Two car for €200,000 a year, then I congratulate him. A season of karting costs more.  

Maybe he’s having to use lawnmower engines, but would that really be a feeder series for Formula One?"  

Sounds like Bernie is a little skeptical.   

Doesn’t this all sound a little familiar? GP2 is based on the same structure. It is currently seen as the feeder series for Formula One. Started by Bernie Ecclestone and Flavio Briatore in 2005, Formula Two is going to be in direct competition.  

I want to hear your views, is it a good idea, or is it just Max trying to gain more control over Formula One?