WWE may be stale now but lets look to the future

Adam SkylarkContributor IApril 2, 2010

Most wrestling fan will agree the wrestling scene is hardly on the edge of your seat entertainment as it had been in previous years. Those same wrestling fans will be split for reasons why this is. Be it boring storylines, devaluing title belts, poor use of talent, over saturation or many people's favorite...John Cena. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate him but he's certainly no Stone Cold or Rock....or even Hogan in his prime for that matter.

So whilst we might have to endure a couple more years of boredom lets look at those who have been in the top spots for the last few years. You've got Undertaker, Jericho, HHH & Batista, now lets stop there. These guy's are all getting on in age now. 'Taker is rumored to retire soon and there's been talk of Batista taking time out too. HHH probably only has one more run in him before he starts being on the fringes like HBK over the last few years & Jericho, as much as I enjoy him, is also getting older. Lets continue. Cena, Orton, Edge & CM Punk, these seem to be the chosen ones, the younger generation that were given a chance. Now Cena has been way too dominant but as the face of WWE you come to expect it so these guys will be around for a long time but for there is hope, look at all the younger talent moving up and hopefully gaining some top slots and main events soon.

Jack Swagger, he's just been crowned champ on Smackdown after cashing in on his suprise money in the bank win. He's one for the future, it may be too soon for him to be properly accepted now but he'll develop.
Drew Macintyre, this guy already gets a ton of heat and is being pushed heavily already winning the IC belt (which needs to regain it's glory)
Sheamus, already a former WWE champ but also one who may have gotten it too early. He hasn't had a great chance for development on TV but he's come a long way and has payed his dues (I saw him 5 years ago in a dump of an area where Billy Gunn was a big special guest for the night, he jobbed to some no name 40year old who couldn't clothsline for toffee)
CM Punk, I'm including him again in this list because he's still young, pretty fresh on the main even scene compared to the rest and you almost always know you're going to get a great match with Punk
Dolph Ziggler, from moronic gimmick to another moronic gimmick he quickly dropped then began getting a great push and then suddenly stopped getting pushed. His fued with Rey Mysterio was great. Topsy turvy world for Mr. Ziggles but I can see him improving and getting up there one day.
Kofi Kingston, the guys a great talent but, and people may disagree with me here, I think he's too small, maybe it's just the way he's built but I think if he could bulk up a bit he'd be pushed much more.
The Miz, ok he's not the best wrestler but he's better than some former champs (here's looking at you Khali) and the guys a heat magnet on the mic.
John Morrison, great look, decent mic skills, great in the ring and has put on some great shows in the last year notably again Edge and Dolph Ziggler.

There's also some hope for some veterans to get a chance before they finally hang up their boots, most people would be very happy to see Matt Hardy, Christian, Shelton Benjamin, Rey Mysterio & Kane get their first or one more chance at glory.

Some may question why I haven't included Evan Bourne, Zack Ryder, Big Zeck, Ted Dibiase Jnr & Cody Rhodes in this list, to be honest I just don't see them being good enough unless they improve on either mic skills, in ring skills or just physical appearence. I mean can you see Evan Bourne really beating any of the previously mentioned guys without it feeling fake, we've already had Rey Mysterio's underdog gimmick, we don't need another so soon.

So I leave you with this, you may be slightly bored of the repeated main events now but if creative can start gelling, start getting things right and some backstage politics die down for the bit then the next generation could leave us asking for more.


What do you think? Does the next few years look more promise than those before it? Or do you think we'll be stuck with same old same old for much longer?