Fan Poll: Is Jared Gaither a Fit For the 49ers?

BobContributor IIApril 2, 2010

The 49ers have a hole at right tackle and need offensive line help overall. It is a popular opinion that they will select a tackle with one of their first-round picks in the upcoming 2010 draft.

What if they didn't have to?

Rumors are that the Baltimore Ravens might take a second-round draft pick for Jared Gaither, or a second-round pick would at least start a conversation for a trade. 

The positive: Gaither stands 6'9" and weighs a massive 340 lbs. He also is just 24 years old. Additionally, Gaither is athletic for his size and could play at either tackle position.

The negative: Gaither has all the physical tools to become an All-Pro left tackle, but hasn't shown the motivation thus far in his career. Gaither also missed five games due to injury in 2009.

This trade would make sense if the 49ers could send the 49th overall pick (their second-round pick) to the Ravens for Gaither. Adding Jared Gaither to the lineup would free up one of the first-round picks. The 49ers could then draft players that are the best available on their board. 

This trade would not make sense if the 49ers have to use one of their first-round picks.

I'll leave the final decision and discussion up to the fans.