Dream Stable For WWE Veterans.

Cameron RaiContributor IApril 2, 2010

Imagine this, Matt Hardy comes out to RAW even though hes on Smackdown! and claims that he should we world champ instead of Jack Swagger seeing as he is a Veteran of the WWE and challenges Jack Swagger to a match later on tonight.

Swagger comes out saying that he would happily accept the challenge and then out of no where, Christians music hits and he comes out. He also claims that he should have a match with Swagger considering he is a WWE veteran as well. 

Then again out of no where Shelton Benjamin's music hits and he comes out as well saying he also should get a shot at the title claiming he is the most athletic pure athlete in the WWE.

Then the most shocking man comes out, Chavo Guerrero comes out and says he has the Guerrero pride and wants to challenge for the championship. Then the guest host comes out and announces the main event for tonight. A fatal 4 way veterans battle royal in which the winner challenges Jack Swagger for the title.

During the battle royal, these guys put on a decent match and lets say Christian wins. Then Jack Swagger comes out and attacks Christian when the other 3 men help Christian. Then next week all of them come out and say they have made a group of men who have given alot to the business and are tired of being overlooked, so they're going to take the WWE by storm. This would be a fun idea for a storyline.