CFL Question of the Week, Volume One

Chris AllenSenior Analyst IJuly 12, 2008

Hello, CFL Fans. In order to try and get more participation out of the CFL Section on Bleacher Report, I have come up with a new idea, and this is it: the CFL Question of the Week. Basically, I will ask a controversial question in hopes that posts will be made in response.

However, there will hopefully be more than one CFL Question of the Week, so if you have any ideas for questions, please contact me at or post on my bulletin board.


Here is the first CFL Question of the Week:

Should Winnipeg Blue Bombers QB Ryan Dinwiddie be the starting quarterback in the Blue Bombers' next game against the BC Lions?

Here are the two Bombers' stats from this past week:

Kevin Glenn: 9/17  82 Yards  0 TD  2 INT  2 Rushing Yards  0 Rushing TDs

Ryan Dinwiddie: 20/33  227 Yards  1 TD  2 INT  38 Rushing Yards  1 Rushing TD


Answer this question in the comments section below.

With the CFL Question of the Week, I'm Chris Allen.