New York Yankees: Bring Me Big Sexy!

JerseySenior Analyst IJuly 12, 2008

Richie Sexson, who has better stats than "all star" Jason Varitek (I am relentless), was recently cut by the Seattle Mariners. When the rumor first broke that he'd be cut, I mentioned the Yankees as a possible suitor.

Well, I made a damn good call. B-Cash has confirmed that the Yanks are interested in bringing Big Sexy to the Bronx after he clears waivers.

He'll cost a pro-rated minimum of $162K, so not much of a risk there. He may be shitting instead of hitting this year, but he's still destroying lefties. Destroying!

A player this cheap would be great on the bench, especially since our only real first baseman is Jason Giambi, and we don't hit lefties all that well.

A great fit at a great price! Bring him home! (In other news, we also signed ex-Yank Eric Milton to a minor league deal.)

Time for a Richie Sexson joke!

Q: What is the opposite of Richie Sexson?
A: Dan Uggla.