NASCAR: To the Mat vs. To the Mat vs. To the Mat

Mitchell HallCorrespondent IJuly 12, 2008

Let's examine the three versions of To the Mat.  Two relate pretty closely to Kyle Busch; the third is obviously the rest of the field. 

To the Mat No. 1: Kyle gets all up in Jimmie Johnson's back bumper with a firm push of the gas pedal.  He throws all of his will and ability into a last ditch effort to pass Johnson for the win. 

Drivers today just don't do this enough anymore.  We saw Carl do it a few times before selling out, but for the most part they all take what they are given without the extra effort. 

To the Mat No. 2: Kyle knew if he was going to win, he would have to ride it out.  He pushed Jimmie to the mat with the last pass Saturday night.  Commitment, my friends, and trust in his car; there is no substitute. 

To the Mat No. 3: They are all crying now.  Someone is winning besides Hendrick; how could it be possible?  They are on the mat and tapping out.  Please weaken the Toyota's or give us a little leeway to make it easier.

Tonight we saw Jimmie outrun Kyle with horsepower down the straightaway, but as I have said so many times, Kyle wanted it more.  He took it, taking Jimmie to the mat. 

I am really enjoying watching this man race these cars hard.  Makes me think of Dale Sr. every time. 

Until next time...sippin' a NOS, chewing on some M&M's.  Tonight, I am the Green M&M, cause its all a go!  Oh yeah—this message powered by Interstate Batteries.