What Is After WWE NXT

Matt GuyettContributor IApril 2, 2010

The concept NXT is simple 8 rookies who are basically already under contract with WWE paired with 8 WWE Pro's who none are main eventers. But what im wondering is after the NXT season is over what does WWE opt to do with its empty slot. 

  1. Does it show past great matches in the WWE history like WWE vintage or from the vault. 
  2. Does it re-show all the past NXT and build up to the next upcoming Competition 
  3. Or does it take my most liked option where they put their breakthrough roster FCW on Tv. 
If they do decide to take FCW onto the screen could this boost its ratings? Well, sort of because then you are showing up and coming superstars in the WWE but no in the aspect that it is basically showing where the likes of Daniel Bryan and David Otunga broke from. 
If they decide not to go with another series of the NXT show we could see what many viewers have been waiting for the chance to watch young talent breaking through the WWE.