Cubs Trading For Middle Relief?

Bullpen BrianCorrespondent IApril 2, 2010

For the most part it’s been a pleasant and productive spring for the Cubs.

Soriano is healthy and out of the leadoff spot–now occupied by Theriot.

Starlin Castro emerged as a budding star…as did Tyler Colvin…Soto dropped 40lbs…Gorzelanny looked sharp, as did Carlos Silva (surprisingly)…and Ted Lilly appears on track to return earlier than expected.

But the Cubs’ biggest problem at the start of spring training remains intact.

The bullpen is thin…like three rookies thin…and short Angel Guzman, too.

Maybe the rookies work out…maybe I’m overreacting, but the importance of a solid bullpen can’t be overlooked!

And if these rookies don’t work out, then what?

Hendry is in a tough spot…nobody wants to help the Cubs add quality pen’ arms.

And why would you? Chicago is two arms short of a division winning club.

I think there’s still wiggle room for a trade…but the Cubs need to up the ante.

Throw Hoffpauir on the trade block…Samardzija…Sean Marshall. Dangle a coveted prospect…you’ve got to give something to get something, right?

Nothing is tougher to swallow during the season than a faulty bullpen.

None of the Cubs’ pleasantries in Mesa can make up for its weak middle relief…you either have a quality bullpen or you don’t…and right now it appears the Cubs are two quality arms short.

The sooner the trade dial is turned up the better.