The Seven Worst Gimmicks Ever in Pro Wrestling

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The Seven Worst Gimmicks Ever in Pro Wrestling

I have seen some badass Gimmicks and I have seen some gimmicks that just makes me scratch my head and think WTF?

I have seen wrestlers be repackaged into a new gimmick and seen them soar to new hights like Stone Cold Steve Austin after he dropped his The Ringmaster gimmick and became a superstar.

Sometimes dropping a gimmick can be a real bad mistake like when Kane removed his mask to be the unmasked Kane forever losing the menace associated with his mask made him lose a lot of his star power.

Sometimes a short run in a wrestling promotion can be an epic fail but the said wrestler will be remembered for years.

The Picture with the wrestler that looks like a mime is a wrestler known as Phantasio. His moveset is magic and his finishing move is The Magic Wedgie!

It may sound like a lame Gimmick but it you ever saw his WWF debut match on the July 16, 1995, episode of Wrestling Challenge then you'll know what I'm talking about.

In this slideshow, I shall present to you, my dear reader, the seven worst Gimmicks ever in wrestling in no chronological order. I just leave it to you to personally decide which one is the worst!

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