"Leafs D-Men Slow Thinking"

Mitch. Mitchell.Correspondent IApril 2, 2010

PITTSBURGH, PA - MARCH 28:  Tomas Kaberle #15 of the Toronto Maple Leafs prepares for a face-off against the Pittsburgh Penguins at Mellon Arena on March 28, 2010 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The Penguins defeated the Leafs 5-4 in a shootout.  (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Since there seems to be an out-cry in Leaf-Land to throw "Tomas Kaberle" under the bus: What say we have a look at The Leafs overall defence.

I have been keeping a very close eye on the Leafs defence of late, especially since the team has been playing very well as a team.

It appears to me that each and every one of the D-Men are waiting that split second to make a play,.or going back into their own end, and making the situation worse.

They are coughing-up the puck or turning it over continually, because of these slow thinking decisions.

As a defencemen you are told by your coach: If you do not know what to do with the puck in your end,. "IT GOES DOWN THE ICE, NO-MATTER WHAT"

 In many cases the "D" are getting beat to the puck, and in many cases, this should not be happening: " Are they afraid to take one for the team".

This brings me to the glaring mistakes, the slow decisions, the slow foot-work, not moving the puck fast enough, the little butterfly passes.

All of these errors are not only being made by the rookie "D", BUT BY THE "SUPPOSE TO BE LEADERS".

I have said it before in a write-up: If there are any players that are not happy in "Toronto" Burke will do what-ever is needed to make the team better", and that includes "Kaberle".

"Tomas Kaberle" is not playing up to his capability, and if he is not happy, and "Wilson" is not happy with his play : Now would be a great time to get something in exchange.

The Leafs need another sniper, not only for offesive purposes, but to take the pressure off "Phil Kessel".

As for replacing "Kaberle" on the blue-line, "The Leafs" have some good up coming D-Men, and it will take some time to get them ready for the big time.

Burke and Wilson, have done a great job with the youngest team in the league, so a little more fine tuning, will give them a good run in the play-off's next year.