Price and Montana Fight For The Privilege to Back-Up Locker

matt christensenContributor IApril 2, 2010

It was a tough winter for the Washington Huskies in terms of back-up Quarterbacks, with the loss of Ronnie Fouch the Quarterback, position was thin. The only Quarterbacks behind Senior Quarterback Jake Locker, are Kieth Price and true Freshman Nick Montana, neither of them have ever taken a college snap in a game.

Kieth Price the red shirt freshman, is a scrambler with the ability to make plays with his legs, but at 6'1 and 180 pounds, he lacks the size to be a true pro-style Quarterback. Price has worked on his throwing mechanics but the word is he lacks the confidence and does not trust his reads at the line of scrimmage and will pull the ball down and run instead of throwing it to often. Price came committed to Washington when former head Coach Tyrone Willingham was still running the show, and came in thinking he would be running the spread instead of the pro-style offense.

Nick Montana the son of the former NFL great is a 4 star recruit from Oak Christian in California. He is tall and very lean at 6'3, 195 pounds. He does need to put on about 15 pounds or so to stand those big hits, but a little time in the weight room can fix that. The coaches so far have been very impressed with Montana's arm strength, and ability to take command in the huddle, and at the line. It is of course way to early to tell who will win, but it seems Montana has put on the better show so far.

The truth is Jake Locker is prone to getting nicked up do to his physical play, so one of these guys could be called on to fill in. It is odd that Montana is looking better than Price so far, based on the fact Montana this is Montana's first week, while Price has been here for a year now. Price should be way ahead of Montana. I do think when it is all said and done Montana will win the job as the backup Quarterback to Locker.