What Do the Toronto Maple Leafs REALLY Need?

Matt BowlerCorrespondent IJuly 12, 2008

Many people have been wondering about the answer to the Leafs problems. Many have suggested that they need to blow the team up and start from scratch.

Although this is true, there is more to building a great team than just drafting well.  What the Maple Leafs really need is an owner who wants to see his team succeed. 

Take the Detroit Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch as an example. 

This man is dedicated to winning.  He is an entrepreneur and successful businessman.  He is the founder and owner of Little Caesars Pizza, which has become an international fast food franchise. 

Ilitch was already a wealthy man when he bought the Detroit Red Wings.  He is a huge hockey fan and bought the team as his "hobby."  He is not in the business of hockey to get rich, but rather to see his favorite team win!

What the Toronto Maple Leafs really need is a single owner who is more interested in winning than making money. 

Unfortunately, for the last several decades the Leafs have been dedicated to raising ticket prices, not producing a winning team.  It has been said of the Leafs organization that as long as the seats are sold out, they have no intentions of bringing a winning team to Toronto. 

Richard Petty and his team's time is running out. If we are ever going to see a change in the Leafs' future, it is going to have to start at the very top!