The Most Overrated and Over Used Wwe Commentator

Matt GuyettContributor IApril 1, 2010

My opinion of this man if i was writing this in 2005 would have been an upcoming young commentator with a pretty good view on things but now he is perhaps the worst commentator at this very moment. 

He is supposed to be the leading commentator on the flagship show in wwe Monday Night Raw. Over the past weeks on a couple of websites i have seen the growing dislike from the WWE universe and thinking will the WWE feed of this. Now, the Daniel Bryan situation is possibly how wwe have capitalized on this matter but i feel that we could see Cole turn into a gimmick that has him as a heel. 

But Wrestlemania was the time that really had me shouting at the man. Matt Striker has the in-ring experience when he speaks he knows what he's talking about same thing with Jerry the King Lawler. I do feel that the WWE need a new commentator if they are not going to bring back the great JR. 

One thing that gets me is that we have the old ECW commentator Byron Saxton who ok was abit under his knowledge not knowing what to say but still had something about him. 

Come on wwe do something about it