What's Wrong With Waldimir Klitschko

Christopher FalvelloCorrespondent IApril 1, 2010


In his most recent fight, Wladimir Klitschko, the reigning undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World, knocked out Eddie Chambers with twelve seconds left in the fight.  His most recent title defense has begun to answer a lot of questions and quiet a lot of criticism that's been heaped on him recently. 

Some of the criticism remaining is pretty simple and straight-forward.  For one I don't like his style.  Which seems almost impossible when you think about it.  A big powerful, skilled fighter who can use his size and jab to out work opponents along with the power punches to stop people when he wants.  

So maybe my problem isn't his style, but the fact that no one out there can challenge him.  I guess I should rely on my second complaint:  I just don't like his face.  

You see, Wladimir has become so dominant these days, and in the last two years has so utterly erased the bad taste of the Ibagrimov fight, that the only real criticism left for us Klitschko-haters to make is both childish and insincere.  I.E. I just don't like his face.  

I have to admit to being less than impressed by the Ukranian heavyweight tag-team when I first saw them.  I thought the Ibragimov fight would be the beginning of the end of Wladimir, but he has rebounded with a string of knockouts.  

Granted, his opposition has been less than stellar, but nobody hated on Tyson when his M.O. was blasting second-stringers.  Joe Louis is considered the greatest of all time and he had the "Bum of the Month" club.  So maybe he deserves a little leeway in the "Level of Competition" category.  

So what's left for those of us who can't stand having a talented, able, dominant, heavyweight Champion?  Not a whole lot I guess.  Wladimir has deserved better than he's gotten from us and all I can do is apologize and feel ashamed that we haven't given him credit earlier.  

I suppose if he falls, and that's a big if, that all of us Klitschko bashers will be back and shouting about how he never was anything, but that would be both rude and foolish.  (If indeed that does happen, someone out there be sure to quote this article at me). 

So until that challenge he needs comes along, I'll grumble something about how Wladimir is the best and deserves to be instated at Canastota someday, because there really isn't a whole lot of evidence to the contrary.  So until something big happens, when people ask why I don't like the Klitschko brothers, all I can say is "I just don't like his face."