Quenching The Thirst! The Quest Begins!

Ethel LairContributor IApril 1, 2010

We finally did it last year! We ended the drought and quenched the thirst to win! We ended the decade as World Champions for the twenty seventh time! 

They quenched their thirst, but they are always thirsty to win! So, the quest to win #28 begins this Sunday!

Where? They are going to open the season at the home of their rival Red Sox in Boston! What a way to start the season! Two teams the rest hate as well!

It would have been nicer if they had to come to our house, but we don't mine reminding them we're the Champs! Fenway fans here we come start booing!

Hey Boston can you say we're #3? We can say we're #1. Don't worry we don't gloat as as a team. We respect all players, but believe in ourselves as champs to repeat again!

The Yankees always expect to win and it's not because we are the richest team with the biggest stars!

Many in sports say we and other big market teams that win are bad for the sport. I say take our teams out of the race and see how excited the sport is then everyone!

We win because we play to win and don't play not to lose! We play as a team no matter how big some of the stars may be.

They play as a team and become a family! Families work together to succeed and that is why they win. Their owners may be rich, but so are others.

They just don't use their money wisely. The Yankees pay some of their payroll with revenue sharing money, but what do they do with it all?

Why do some owners seem to keep their money in their pockets? It seems that way sometimes. A lot of teams don't know how to generate more revenue for their team.

When they do spend do they spend it as well as others like the Yankees and other so called big market teams?

Many teams are not as thirsty to win! Just show up and play and hope to win! A lot is to be said for the mental part of the game!

It's not all how much money or talent the team has that makes winners! It takes faith in yourself and each other. I personally believe in power of prayer as many of them do.

We had all that (money and talented stars) for many years during the drought from 2001 until 2009 & did that make us winners?

So, you have to be be thirsty and believe you can win! Then begin the quest to win together! Play not as individuals trying to build up stats on your baseball cards only!

I know you still need good players on a team to win. It does not matter if they are big stars or players still not considered big stars. It's how they play everyday!

The way we and other teams have won Championships over the years, as our former Manager Joe Torre once said, is with good pitching and defense! He is right!

So, don't worry folks about our losing some good players that helped us win our Championship last year!

We begin our quest for number twenty eight and will quench that thirst again the same way we won the other twenty seven! Pitching, defense and enough offense to win!

I know it may be a battle this year! There are many good teams on paper and even some that will surprise everyone!

I just know we believe and expect to win and the quest to quench the thirst again begins this Sunday!

Keep tuned and know though the battle may be tough to be a Yankee with faith in each other and a higher power behind them is enough! They will win the war! 

I will be right there all year long watching and praying believing with them! Let the quest begin.

We are thirsty we are thirsty for more of them (song like it say more of Him-God). Soon we will be adding a new number on that wall for 2010 and adding number twenty eight! 

So God bless our teams, and our fans and all of us as writers (fans too). Keep all of us safe and healthy!

The quest will begin on April 4th to quench that thirst to win! Let the games begin! Play ball! I am excited for a new season to begin!