From One Herbert To Another....

Antony Herbert@LeeUwishWritingAnalyst IIIApril 1, 2010

Growing up whilst being a vocal fan of Formula 1 from an early age often gifted me with one constant question.

Was I related to Johnny Herbert?

The unfortunate answer was no. Whilst I had a cousin by the name of Jonathan Herbert, he was not the famous Formula 1 driver of the 1990's.

Consequentially my denial instead gained me the nickname of Johnny Herbert.
It wasn't very original I know, but kids will be kids!

It was not meant as an insult but I often considered it unflattering, as I considered Johnny Herbert as just another mediocre driver amongst a pool of better and more accomplished talent.

Yet this weekend Johnny continues this seasons occurrence of utilising former drivers expertise for stewarding responsibilities.

Johnny heads to Sepang  to work alongside stewards Garry Connelly and Radovan Novak.

By doing so he follows in the footsteps of Alain Prost and Tom Kristensen who fulfilled their duties in Bahrain and Australia.

The idea of using drivers amidst the usual stewarding team was inspired. Many great stars will be sure to emerge into the position.

With Johnny as well you expect control. He was after all a driver who excelled under difficult conditions. We all remember his glorious rain hit triumph in the European Grand Prix of 1999.

So from one Herbert to another - good luck Johnny. Get it right in every way that you possibly can.