JoePa's Quarterback Quandry

Alex FergusonSenior Analyst IIJuly 12, 2008

Listen, I'm not usually the man for two guys playing at quarterback, but Mr Paterno, if you have pace in form of one quarterback and a great arm in the form of another, then why not start both quarterbacks and have them operating in tandem? Did it not work for the Florida Gators, who had Chris Leak and Tim Tebow in the backfield and pulled out a National Championship in 2006?


And Ohio State are looking pretty too, with Todd Boeckman owning the arm and Terrelle Pryor - who by all accounts is a sensational signing - the quick guy.

Sean Glennon and Tyrod Taylor at Virginia Tech? Didn't Virginia Tech take home the 2007 ACC title?

OK, so I realise that the tandem experience may not have worked at Penn State quite so well.

Remember Michael Robinson and Zach "Thrills" Mills, partnered together in the 2003 that took PSU to new lows? But why not give Pat Devlin (great arm) and Darryl Clark (speed) a try, for crying out loud?

Michael Robinson's pace -- and in case you've forgotten him, I've included a highlight reel - gave Penn State a Big Ten title, a spot in the Orange Bowl, and an 11-1 season.

Clark's legs caused problems for Texas A&M in the Alamo Bowl. By all accounts, Devlin has a cannon, too.... Having said that, there's always trying to use three quarterbacks, that Charlie Weis tried as an experiment against Georgia Tech and Michigan last season....