Ode To The Man Among Men

Joel DanielsContributor IApril 1, 2010



Since you graced the WWE with your presence on that fateful day April 25th 2002 people around the world were shown the true essence of what it means to be a man. Not just because your body is chiseled from gold, but your heart, and talents are made from it as well.

When Evolution came around and HHH saw fit to label you as the diamond in the rough, he was right. You were the diamond in the rough. But NOW you are the one,and THE ONLY, diamond there is.

You've made a name for yourself and cemented that name when you became the youngest world champion in the history of the WWE. I still remember that beautiful RKO you hit on Benoit to solidify your place in the history of pro wrestling. It was truly a crowning achievement of one so young. Looking back it seems like only yesterday when it's already been 6 wonderful years since then.

You went on to be the most dominant superstar to ever step foot into the WWE. You bridged that unbridgeable gap between old and new. You have been through the beloved Attitude Era, and now you are the at top of the PG Era. I look forward to seeing the Age Of Orton once more when all is said and done.


Randy Orton, you are  greatness. You are the best there was, is, will ever be, and always. And I want to say thank you for granting us fans - correction - us Ortonites ten years dedication to wrestling and entertainment. We look forward to seeing you reach greater heights in the future and add to your already outstanding achievements. 


Happy birthday Randy Orton. May you live to see many, many more :D