England-New Zealand Cricket: The Annual Scandal

Luke CartwrightContributor IJuly 12, 2008

Possibly the most fascicle moment in cricketing history since the opposition had endured in 81. An overthrow on the last ball gave the All Blacks victory; it was overshadowed, however, by a scene that has provoked yet more pessimism in the supposedly revolutionised game.

A few weeks ago, the tabloids released the usual, solid with cliches as is today's game. Leaves you thinking...sportsmanship is what, exactly? Keeping your mouth closed? A calm demeanor? What? You tell me.

Or maybe we should ask the "captain" Paul Collingwood. The man holding the power, representing his queen and country at the "highest level." Although ultimately worthless in context, the drama won't end here. The minority is sadly always louder than...the sportsman?

As for Vettori and Elliot, one sympathises. Just two other victims. Bradman, Donald, Snedden, Edgar, McKenzie. Injustice. And the victors; Larwood? The Chappels? Collingwood? Skill?

Did they really win? The answer is no. Far from it. In the literal sense, maybe, but the price they paid for this victory was too much, perhaps even for the Australians.