Exhibition: The Kid's First Game

Matt LanningContributor IMarch 31, 2010

Friday night I'm taking my son to his first game.  He's only three months old, and I doubt he'll have much interest.  He'll be in good company though, since Friday's exhibition game probably won't generate much interest from the crowd either.  With rain in the forecast who knows if they'll even get an inning in.

My son was born on Christmas Day, 2009, and his first Christmas presents from me were a hotwheels and a baseball.  He doesn't have the coordination for either of them yet, but like his trip to see the Rangers on Friday, they were mostly for me anyway.

I remember my first baseball games.  The Midland Cubs (later the Midland Angels then the Rockhounds) were my first experience with professional hardball.  Hot dogs and orange soda were always on the menu for me, but dad's foamy beverage was off limits.  Now that I have my own boy, I can't wait to share with him the ups and downs that come along with being a baseball fan.  I can't wait to answer his questions about the game.  I can't wait to watch The Natural with him when he's young and Bull Durham when he's a little older.  Maybe he'll like football or basketball or soccer, but there's nothing like going to the park in the summertime.

What do you remember about your first game?