Ravens QB Troy Smith Switches Agents

Hunter JonesContributor IMarch 31, 2010

Troy Smith has been trying to leave the Ravens and pursue a starting job. His former agent Ralph Cindrich, had been trying to get that to work, it still hasnt. His new agent Neil Cornrich, cant do much worse than Cindrich. Cindrich had tweeted during the Ravens playoff push that he wanted out, a big no-no. Since that tweet he has said Troy would "Crawl from Baltimore to Cleveland to play for the Browns." The browns then accuired QBs Derek Anderson and Seneca Wallace.

Will the disgruntled QB finnally get the shot to start? for that to happen the Ravens would need a team that needs a QB, there are many. The teams that make sense are the Browns, Bills and Raiders. All have been linked to Troy at one point or another. The Bills have Saftey Donte Whitner lobbying for him. The Raiders have many fans clamoring for him and the Browns, well he wants to play there.

Where, if anywhere does everyone think he will go?