Thank You, Milton Bradley

Austin WatersContributor IMarch 31, 2010

Dear Mr. Bradley,


On behalf of all Cubs fans, I want to thank you.  The offseason is generally when we are the happiest, because of some aging ex-star we signed.  This year however, we didn't make many improvements.  That's why I wanted to thank you.  Just by leaving, you have let us Cubs fans blame everything on you. The addition by subtraction of you and Mr. Kevin Gregg allows us to remain hopeful.

Yes, Aramis Ramirez is now healthy.  Sure, Geovany Soto could bounce back to his rookie season form.  And what the heck, maybe Carlos Marmol will realize he's supposed to be throwing it at the catchers mitt, not the umpires shoes.  Despite all of the unfixed problems of the 2009 campaign, you, sir, let us ship all of our worries to Seattle with you.  Even Carlos Silva looked decent in spring training.

Mark DeRosa's wristband catch phrase is yet again the motto of the offeason for us Cubs fans.  It's Gonna Happen.  Because it is gonna happen.  It has just yet to be determined if "it" is the Cubs most solid pitcher being injured hopping over the dugout railing.  Or if "it" is actually a chance at the Pennant. 

But for now, we can all take solace in the fact that you are 2,000 miles away.  I don't blame you in the least for saying that Cubs fans are brutal.  I do blame you for throwing the ball into the stands when there are two outs and a man on base.  I do blame you for batting .257.  And I blame you for thinking that they have only been harsh to you.  In all my years as a Cubs fan, I've never seen anyone be abused more than Jacque Jones.  And yet, in a game in which he got the game winning single and a reporter asked him how he felt about the heckling, he said that he was happy he could help the team win.  With a grin on his face.  I know smiling is not something you're used to doing, but maybe now that you're batting cleanup you can get more than the 40 RBI's you got last year.

So thanks, Milt.  You've allowed me and the rest of Wrigleyville to be happy for at least the next month.  And I hope you don't really blame the reporters for, as you put it, running you out of town.  You ran yourself out of town.  And we helped.  Us fans, that are allowed to show bias.  Because we want the Cubs to win which, until April, we believe they will.  Thanks to you.



A Cubs fan