Ratings Don't Matter!

Blue StreakContributor IMarch 31, 2010

            I've been hearing lots of criticism among the internet about how WWE is much too dominant for TNA.These comments have been made strictly from a ratings standpoint.Well I'd just like to repeat the title and tell you guys.... Ratings Don't Matter!

        They are important but stop judging strictly from Nielson ratings.There are so many problems with the Nielson ratings that make it inaccurate.The most important problem they need to fix in,in my opinion,is that they do not include 100% of all homes.They only include a small percentage of homes.

       Inaccurate ratings aside, Let's talk about the original Monday Night Wars.Ratings wise,the it would've been completley boring.You had WCW winning for 82 weeks,and later on WWE winning the ratings for nearly 126 weeks.

        What I'm trying to say here is that you have to look past the ratings, and look at what is being presented to you on the screen.Ratings are important in some aspect but,the main thing that you should worry about is being presented on the screen.