Chad Tracy The Best Fit?

Bullpen BrianCorrespondent IMarch 31, 2010

Last year it was Milton Bradley. This year it’s Chad Tracy. Hit from the left side and the Cubs will love you like a curse.

Tracy’s left-handed swing and defensive versatility prevailed over Kevin Millar’s attempt to win the Cubs’ final roster spot. But does that mean he’s the right pick?

Because neither player separated himself from the other this spring (they posted nearly identical stats) and because both have similar contracts…the decision making came down to handedness.

Tracy hits from the left side…Millar doesn’t…Tracy wins job.

Millar, undoubtedly, would’ve been the better story…a funny, charming, curse-busting player whose days in the big leagues are numbered. Tracy’s story…not as interesting.

The truth, however, is Tracy has far more upside…he’s eight years younger than Millar…is in better shape…and can play a few different spots in the field.

Millar is a one-&-done with Chicago…Tracy could last a few more years.

For the time being, Tracy is simply the overall better fit…that’s the bottom line…that’s all there is to it.

Nothing personal towards Millar, but Hendry got this one right…the Cubs need Tracy’s talent more than Millar’s clubhouse magic…and yes…they apparently need that left-handed bat, too!