Games that Shattered the BCS system

Michael CooperContributor IMarch 31, 2010

1. Boise State vs. #9 Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl This game stunned the college football world and shattered the myth of BCS teams invisibility vs. non- BCS teams. Boise State pulled off this amazing upset against the # 7 Sooners in perhaps the greatest college football game to be ever played. The men from Boise in the words of ESPN’s Pat Forde “ landed the mightiest populist blow of college football's modern era. They were Hickory High in helmets, George Mason in cleats. They knocked off a gridiron giant one decade to the day after the burial of Pokey Allen, the beloved Boise coach who brought the program up to Division I-A status.” They battled Adrian Peterson and won in absolute thriller. If this game does not open your eyes to the possibility of a playoff system in college football your eyes will never be opened. Stewart Mandel of Sports Illustrated correctly concluded that “ they [ Boise State] made a major statement on behalf of their mid-major brethren that none of us will soon forget.” 2. Utah vs. #4 Alabama in the 2009 Sugar Bowl Once again another shocking upset of a BCS powerhouse team in a bowl game proved that non-BCS teams can play with the elite of college football. The 2009 sugar bowl pitted mighty Alabama vs. the only undefeated team in Division I football the Utah Utes. The Utes who have been very successful in bowl games throughout the 2000s were huge underdogs to #4 Alabama, a team that was coming off a 12-1 season. It was the mighty and invincible SEC vs. the lowly Mountain West conference champions. The script was supposed to be an Alabama route. Instead Utah was the team doing the steam rolling and completely dominated Alabama 31-17. Utah outplayed Alabama from start to finish destroying a top 10 team in the process. Even though Utah finished as the lone undefeated team in the nation and #2 in the polls. This upset continued the growing case for a playoff system in college football. 3. Boise State at #9 Oregon - September 2008 Once again the Boise State Broncos from Idaho shocked the college football world in beating a top 10 team in their visit to Oregon in a September 2008 game. In the first meeting ever between the schools Boise State steam rolled the ducks in two quarters scoring all their 37 points in the 2nd and 3rd. Kellen Moore one of the nation’s premier quarterbacks passed for over 386 yards leading toe Broncos to a win over the eventual #9 team in the nation. Again proving that non-BCS teams can play and beat BCS teams. 4. Utah vs. Pitt - the 2005 Fiesta Bowl The first BCS bowl game between a non-BCS team vs. a BCS team lead to a complete rout of Pitt by Utah 35-7. The 2004 Utah football team lead by Urban Meyer as coach had beaten Texas A and M, North Carolina, and Arizona by a combined total of 110-34 in the 2004 season had proven that they could beat BCS teams once again destroyed another one in Pitt.