Breaking News: Packers don't intend to release Favre

KP WeeSenior Writer IJuly 12, 2008

In the latest round of the Brett Favre soap opera, the Green Bay Packers have fired back.

According to The Associated Press, Packers GM Ted Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy indicated on Saturday that they had no plans to release Favre, who requested they do so a day earlier.

Furthermore, the GM and coach also told the AP that Favre could make a return to the team, but as a backup to Aaron Rodgers.

Though things could change later—as we've seen, Favre still has that "itch" to play despite his tearful goodbye in March—and the Packers might well change their minds down the road about releasing or trading Favre.

For now, I applaud the team for sticking to their guns and not wanting to be taken hostage by Brett Favre's annual "I-don't-know-if-I-want-to-play-I'll-tell-you-whenever-I-feel-like-it" nonsense this time around.

The Packers should move forward and give Rodgers a shot to prove himself as the No. 1 QB, and if Favre wants to come back from his retirement, he should just watch on the sidelines and root for his former understudy.

But to show no commitment to the team by not making a decision on his status every off-season, and then retiring earlier this year and now changing his mind, and wanting to be released so he could be free to sign elsewhere, all exhibit the fact Brett Favre is no different than any other athlete who cares all about himself and his stats.

Teams should not give in to players' demands—I don't care if it's from a rookie or a veteran—and on Saturday, the Packers did the right thing by stating they had no wish to release their QB.

Hopefully they don't change their mind.