Wrestling: Kane: From Big Red Machine To Big Nothing

Shell TContributor IMarch 31, 2010

Okay let me begin by saying that I am not trying to bash this guy.

Kane is a great wrestler and he used to have great story lines but the key words here are "used to". I'm sure everybody misses the Kane who wore the mask.

I'm sure everybody misses Kane's old entrance theme(without the singing). I'm sure everybody misses Kane who at one point was either feuding against his brother The Undertaker or was with him. Yes the old Kane was great.

So what happened?

Now Kane is walking around without a mask and is pretty much useless if you ask me. Kane used to make a HUGE impact and now he's barely getting the credit he deserves.

Kane, by now should've been ranked as one of the top WWE legends along with HHH, Shawn Michaels, and of course The Undertaker. Sadly he may not even make the WWE Hall of Fame. But that is just my opinion.

Why unmask Kane?

Yes everybody was curious of what was behind the mask and frankly in my opinion we should've remained curious.

He should've remained masked because look where it got him. The masked Kane would've been in a main event at Wrestlemania but the unmasked Kane was in a Money in the Bank match that we all knew he wouldn't win. There was no point of him being in the match.

Kane needs that push again.

He needs to be vicious again. He needs to wow the fans. Maybe the WWE could mask Kane again. Maybe Kane could be fed up with people "staring at him" and he could decide to put the mask back on and the wig and make a classic entrance again.

How would the WWE universe like that?

Maybe he could have another match with The Undertaker and get burned again and that'll bring the masked Kane back.

At a PPV, Kane should be in a huge feud with his brother and they'll decide to settle it at the PPV once and for all.

End result:Deadman defeats Kane and burns him. A few weeks later Kane appears masked and attacks The Deadman and alas! A classic is reborn!

Would the WWE fans like for this to happen or should it just remain in the past?