New England Patriots Draft Strategy: Stocking Up on Second Rounders Beneficial?

Akash ACorrespondent IMarch 30, 2010

The Patriots have never been afraid to trade down in the draft, seemingly trying to rack up as many second round picks as they can. Is this a smart strategy, both financially and in terms of the players they’re getting?

Well, looking at the 2003 NFL Draft (six to seven years to determine a player’s worth in the NFL seems reasonable), the drafting strategy of New England seems exceptionally brilliant.

First Round:

In the first round, 32 players were taken. Of those 32, 23 belong to a NFL franchise or were released into free agency this offseason. Players who have been free agents for the past two years are considered “finished,” and therefore are considered out of the league (despite being free agents).

Of the 23 players still in the league, 12 of them are Pro Bowlers.

Second Round:

In the second round of the 2003 NFL Draft, 32 more players were taken with their hopes of playing in the NFL finally fulfilled.

Unfortunately for some, only 20 of them are currently living the dream; that is 20 of the 32 drafted players are in the NFL right now.

There were five Pro Bowlers drafted that round out of the 20 total players.

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