Bayern 2 United 1: How They Rated...

Muazzin MehrbanCorrespondent IMarch 30, 2010

Van De Sar -8- A very good game, precise in everything he did and nothing he could have done about either goal. The at times dismal defending in front of him prevents him from recieving a nine. 

Evra -5- Quieter than usual going forward but defended his flank adequately, his mark comes down however for his lacklasture part in Bayern's winner.

Rio Ferdinand -5- Not the rock this season that he was last term, still not one hundred percent match fit, did nothing majorly wrong, guilty of being caught flat footed a couple of times by a far from electric strike opposition.

Vidic -6- A better game in air than his defensive partner, sent a header crashing against the bar, but again resting on his laurels at times, competent but never assured, again just like his partner.

Neville -6- Not beaten as many times as expected, by showing Ribery inside, competed well, but silly handball to give away at this level and at his experience.

Michael Carrick -4.5- A passenger throughout his time on the pitch, regulation passes went astray, caught dwelling on the ball, failed to get into the game, and offered little protection.

Paul Scholes -5.5- Better in possession than most of his teammates, as is expected of his calibre, but by no means great, just the one telling ball to Rooney however, the radar appeared off today.

Fletcher -6.5- Again, not his best game, but tackled the best out of his side, covered the most ground, was the only one of the central three to offer anything in the last third, often going wide when needed.

Park -5.5- Ran and ran but to little avail, not as effective against the organised Germans, and unable to snap heels or find pockets as he did against Liverpool.

Nani -5.5- Hard to credit him for an assist given the heavy deflection his cross took, Always threatened but with little conviction, mystery as to why he and not Valencia started on the right.

Rooney -6.5- Well poached goal, and did his part in the lonely tussle with Bayern's centre halves, fashioned some decent half chances for himself, a little bit more clinical and he could have doubled his tally for the night, and sent his rating up a notch.