"Open Mic"

Mikey TolvoCorrespondent IJuly 12, 2008

I would like to see the Red Sox looking for a catcher. Jason Varitek does a great job behind the plate but at the plate his bat is dead. He is going into the final year of his contract. I would like to see the Red Sox go after a young catcher that can hit. Joe Mauer is obviously fits into that category the best but I don't see the twins giving him up. Mark Teixeira is a good option. Getting Teixeira might be hard because i can't see the Red Sox parting ways with Jed Lowrie or Justin Masterson, two of their top prospects. If the Red Sox can get hold of a solid hitting catcher, the Rays better watch out. Even with Varitek in his slump the Red Sox are catching up to the Rays, now only one game behind them.