Philadelphia Eagles Burning Question: Who Will Be QB in 2010?

Dan PennwynCorrespondent IMarch 30, 2010

It has been an off-season topic for nearly a decade and the 2010 season proves to be the same.

Donovan McNabb, the Eagles franchise quarterback, is being traded and the Eagles team is going to take a plunge for the worst and will never rebound.

What makes this upcoming season different, is the fact that the Eagles also have two other quarterbacks, whom they feel are also starting caliber QB's in this league.

The more important thing to acknowledge is the fact that all three of the quarterbacks are in their final year of their contracts. 

I'm going to just come out and say, I don't think Michael Vick is returning in 2010, and with that being said, we will move right on to Kevin Kolb.

Kolb, was shockingly drafted as the Eagles' first pick of the 2007 draft, in the second round, after they decided to step out of the first round pool of talent. 

The 6'3" 218 lb. QB hails from the University of Houston where he had a fine college career which is why he was drafted so high by the Eagles in the first place.

It was ever since that exact moment that everyone, and I mean everyone, including myself, started listening to the rumor mills that immediately followed.

Some people say Kolb is a very promising player, one who has a great sense of football and has tremendous poise in the pocket.

They will go on to tell you, he has good arm strength and can get the ball down field.

Then you will have some fans say that Kolb is nothing better than a backup QB.

They will bring up the fact that Kolb does throw prematurely at times, stares his receiving options down, which often results in an INT being thrown.

To be 100 percent honest with everyone, we are all correct.

Everything just mentioned is all true, you just can't argue it.

What the naysayers have to realize though, is Kolb is very young in his professional career. and  I can't think of any QB who immediately stepped in and had a great season every year.

So what do the Eagles do?

Do they decide to go with the proven veteran, Donovan McNabb, extending his contract for a few more years?

Or is it time to move on with Kevin Kolb and decide to get some value for McNabb, who could simply walk as an ultimate payback to the, oh so many fans, that have hated him since day one.

The Eagles and their fans should receive something for either one of these players in the form of draft picks, players or a combination of both.

We all have to come to the realization that whatever happens, it is strictly business and that is all there is to it.

The Eagles know they can't keep both McNabb and Kolb after this season.

Donovan wants to end his career for the team that started it, which is a luxury to have a player who wants to do that (remember Dawkins.)

On the same note, Kolb feels like he is ready to be a starter and wants to so.

I'm going to offer my opinion here and say that Kolb is ready.

Yes, I understand the first season is going to be rocky but Kolb has been seasoned by Donovan McNabb, Jeff Garcia and Michael Vick, three Pro Bowl quarterbacks and if he hasn't learned anything, than that's on him.

The Eagles should get some value for one of these guys and it won't happen next year.