Manchester United: One Voice, One Love, One United

Red Army ManchesterCorrespondent IMarch 30, 2010

These are troubled times, of that we all can be sure—so many interesting things happening behind the scenes of Manchester United, so much speculation and even argument amongst the fans regarding the right way to do things. We each show our passion differently; it doesn't mean we are less or more of a fan than the next guy, it's just the way it is.

But right now, any differences must be set aside. United are entering the most crucial time of their season and every game is important now. This is what the team have been working towards all season.

We have games to play in the Champions League and we have to fight off the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City if we are to win the Premiership Crown again. None of these next few games are going to be easy. All of our opposition want us to fail, of that we can be 100 percent sure.

So it is now that the fans must do their part and rally together, United in one common goal, to help the team win those games and be crowned Champions of England and Europe yet again.


By simply forgetting the Glazer problem just for a few games, joining together, and letting the world see the real United fans at work. It should be that other teams fear to come to Old Trafford because of the hostile welcome they get, and it's in that hostility that sometimes other teams fall apart. Now it's our turn to turn up the volume, all start singing from the same sheet, and raise not only the Red Flag High but also raise the roof at the same time.