Reunited and it Needed an Enema - Mike and the Mad Dog Return

bob mantz@bobsblitzSenior Writer IJuly 12, 2008

I was at the Philly's Mets 10-9 game this week (see above).  And the crew I was with was loudly cheering the Mets on while we talked about Mike's Friday landing. Herbert Morrison might have been the perfect reporter to cover the event (look it up) but you're stuck with me.

Mike Francesa and Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo reunited on air Friday as they broadcast the Mike and the Mad Dog show on WFAN live from DHL FanFest at the Javits Center.  It was the first time they've been together in nearly 3 weeks.

Kevin Canessa, Jr. started the rumor mill going back in May when he pointed out on-air problems with the dynamic duo.

These splitsville rumors were further enhanced by an article by Newsday.,0,842426.story

As Keith Moon might have said - the show went 'over like a lead balloon.'

The two addressed the speculation head on with a 3 and a half minute rant.  They also took the time to blast WFAN's morning crew of Boomer and Carlton with some feisty comments.

Mike mocked dog with, "Wanna talk about it - what ya got?  What's going on? Do you have something to tell me? Tell me now."

"We had a bad fight ... We didn't talk for a long time."

Russo then stated, "but by May 11th Chernoff did a great job." Referring to a sit down with WFAN operations manager Mark Chernoff.  Canessa's observations came out...Friday May 9th.

The reunion as a whole was terrible. Both families looked as if they were forced to yet another sit down - but this one was live and in front of a crowd - which only made it that more uncomfortable.  Mike crowed endlessly about summer movies he was not going to see and Dog must have said, "I agree with you 100% Mike" at least 2 dozen times.  Mike seemed to avoid eye contact alot and dog made several attempts of touching Mike's shoulders, etc.  All the while rubbing his own forearm.  Yes, it was very stale, forced, boring and uncomfortable. One of these two needs to be sent to their room for a time-out.

Francesa talked for at least 30 minutes about proposed trades - and any caller knows if you propose a trade via a call to the show - you are cut off in 30 seconds. Dog asked in he would trade Phil Hughes.  Hughes was placed on the DL April 30th.  When a caller proposed a trade that included a DLd player from another team - he was chastised by the team for including someone on the DL in a trade.  Huh?!

Jeffrey Lyons was a guest.  Yes, Lyon's the movie critic.  On a sports show.  Was Chernoff trying to avoid as many fan calls as possible? It certainly seemed that way. And you cannot blame him.  We had just been treated to 2 weeks of Dog flying solo and it was excellent radio with the exception of the one too many tennis balls flying around.

This was not good radio yesterday.  Actually, it was really bad radio.  My set was turned off way before Yankees skipper Joe Girardi was on.  If this is the future of the Mike and the Mad Dog show - it's time for WFAN to pull the plug. Yesterday's show was a D train wreck. Oh the humanity.


Mike and the Mad Dog have had several shows since the reunion.  Take a look at these videos and you be the judge - Should the show be retitled, "Mad Mike and the Dog"?  Does Mike Francesa have disdain for Chris Russo?

and is Mike just rude to everyone?


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