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In an earlier post I wrote that women cannot be trusted with secrets, because of the way that women communicate with each other.  Well here is some evidence to back it up.

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Men Bond Differently Than Women Do

By: Brett R. Williams

Being the only female in my household has taught me a few things about the male of the species. In some ways men are quite different from women. I grew up with only sisters for siblings and when my husband and I got married there were a few things I noticed about men. One thing that really stands out is that men bond by doing things together.

When I bond with my girlfriends we have deep conversations, share intimate details of our lives and spend a lot of time expressing our feelings. Here is a story to illustrate this point, one day my husband Brett and I were at another couple’s house for dinner. Barb and I began talking and inquiring about each other’s lives; while we noticed that our husbands had gone outside with a shovel and a hammer. Curious, we followed them to find them repairing a wooden post next to a gate. I turned to Barb and said, “Can you imagine if you came to my house and I asked you to help me mop my floor or repair a sink?” We laughed, but the lesson was not lost on me. The men were bonding by participating in this act together.

The act the men participate in is not always a mundane chore; it could be cooking the steaks or going surfing. The point is that they are doing something together. My husband Brett recently went motorcycle riding with a guy friend. I marveled at guy bonding time once again, as there was no possibility of any talking while riding motorcycles.

Now here is the really interesting thing from a woman’s point of view. The activity the men bond over is satisfying and bonding for them, even if it never leads to any meaningful conversation. It is the shared experience connects them.

Now I have a husband who is an excellent communicator, but if you find you are having trouble getting your husband to talk with you about important issues, I suggest that you plan an outing. It can be as simple as walking the dog around the neighborhood together. Giving men something to do may put them in a place where they feel they are bonding with you. Creating that feeling of connection on their terms may help them move into a place where they can talk with you and listen to you. If you need help talking to your partner, our relationship experts at can help you talk it through.

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