Bradford would be foolish to holdout

Paul KasprzakContributor IMarch 29, 2010

Over the past four National Football League Drafts the three out of the four first overall picks were signed before the Draft even started.  That might be the case if Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford was selected first overall.

According to, Bradford could refuse to resign a pre-draft contract.

That would be the worst thing to do as the smart teams start negotiating with multiple picks at the same time.  That way they can get a deal done at the lowest possible price as contracts for rookies have spiraled out of control.

If Bradford would at the least slip to fourth overall to the Washington Redskins, but it’s not guaranteed they will take a quarterback as they also have a gaping hole at left tackle.

In the end, this year the draft is deep and anyone taking a stand for more money is foolish as teams always get their way.

Good night and good luck.