The Ugly Misuse Of Kane

Steven KingContributor IMarch 30, 2010

We all see it. Week after week after week. The WWE waisting Kane. Kane was one of the greatest superstars of the 90's and early 2000's and anyone who tries to say otherwise might not've been there. I can't say I was all there (I was three when Jacobs became Kane) but I've seen his matches from that time, and I've seen his achivements.

He's a Grand Slam Champion for god sake!! Is the Undertaker? No. Now, I'm not saying Kane is better than Undertaker, but still, no one can take anything away from Kane. Even now he's big and still kinda agile.

I can't say that he's what he once was, but that's not his fault and we all know it. They could at least give him the ICChampionship, or put him in a real feud. Hell, bring back the Brothers of Destruction, that would be great, even if they only wrestle a couple of matches together while Kane goes for the title.

These are just a 16 year old's thoughts on a business that's been around much longer. So, give me all the judgement you've got and tell me why I'm wrong. Or hey, some of you might agree, that would be nice.