Denny Hamlin: A Non Gelded Driver, Just Saying!

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Denny Hamlin: A Non Gelded  Driver, Just Saying!
John Harrelson/Getty Images

Denny Hamlin wrote the manual, a scrip if you will, on how to beat the Hendrick boys.

Martinsville may be a watershed moment for the teams who feel intimidated by the 24, 48,5 and 88 teams.

Most of them got to be thinking :

“Hey look at No. 24 ! He looks like a ping pong ball, the poor guy looked lost!”

So there you go NASCAR guys, Hamlin with help from No. 17 just wrote a manual on how to beat any of the Hendrick boys.

Is actually very easy, even a fan like al asifyouknow wrote about it a few months ago, but of course I’m just a fan sitting somewhere in this great country in my underwear writing about something I may not fully understand.

The point is my theory on how to beat the Hendrick boys didn’t get much attention.

What was the theory?

Here it is! You open multiple cans of whooping on the Hendrick boys, is that simple, Hamlin with a little help from his friend No. 17 opened up a whole barrel of “grade A whooping” , No.. 24 was bouncing around like a rolling stone.

This win by Hamlin was sort of a team effort, lets just say multiple NASCAR teams vs. Hendrick.

That may be what is needed to keep No. 48 and his buddies from winning another championship.

Going forward the field has to make an effort to race the Hendrick boys every second, every minute, every lap.


Some of the No. 48 fans were bragging about how JJ was messing with everybody’s head, well here is a chance to reverse that attitude.

As JJ and company get to bed tonight they got to be thinking about what little respect they got at Martinsville.

That has to be a concern for the No.48, those drivers looked to just about had it with the Hendrick domination.

All this is good for the entertaining value of the show.

Let me just say one more thing , I like all the Hendrick drivers , I just don’t like them winning every week.

And as always this is just a fans opinion and from what I understand everybody has one and I thank God for that.

Enough said.

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