Eagles: 2010 Off Season Motto: "Turn The Page"

John MaranoContributor IMarch 29, 2010

PHILADELPHIA - AUGUST 15:  Head coach Andy Reid of the Philadelphia Eagles speaks at a press conference regarding Michael Vick at the NovaCare Complex on August 15, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Len Redkoles/Getty Images)
Len Redkoles/Getty Images

If nothing else, the Philadelphia Eagles have found themselves in somewhat un--chartered waters recently.  I can think of no other time in Andy Reid's reign in Philly that such a turnover in personnel has occured.  But the end is apparently still not in sight.

So many players have "flew the coop" this off season, so far.  No one really knows how many more will leave, except maybe the Eagles braintrust.  There is still gobs of time left until the start of mini camps and training camp, so stay tuned, gang.

Not even when Andy took over for Ray Rhodes have they sent this many high profile players packing.  The list of names contains fan favorites, border line role players, former draft picks, pricey free agents, and roster bonus casualties.  Who is next to be needing a moving truck?

While the team has brought in a few new players, and there still may be more fresh faces, are they satisfied with overall team depth and/or quality?  Hard to tell, with the 2010 NFL Draft still to come, as well as the next round of "roster rejects" to comb through.  Is there someone still out there the team is interested in?

The Draft is a horse of another color, as we will soon find out.  The Eagles under Andy Reid have been so unpredictable, so secretive, so surprising, that anything can happen.  No matter what goes on involving trades, if any, be sure that the Eagle's brass has already laid out a plan of action when it comes to any given scenario that involves players.

Still, looking back at the big picture, so far things have definately changed.  For the better, or for the worse, as Andy always says, "we'll see".  There is positively something going on behind the closed doors of One Nova Care Way.  Who, or what, or when, or where remains a mystery to those of us on the outside of the loop looking in.

Some will say it is about money.  Some say it is about the uncertain labor situation.  Some others say that the "window" is closing on the Eagles, and closing fast.  Some will argue that it is time for youth to be served and "older" players (28--30, and over) need replaced.

Whatever news that comes in regard to future personnel moves will just add to this off season of "unrest in the nest".  Hopefully, that player or players will help the Eagles get over the hump and get to the winner's media box for the presentation of the Lombardi Trophy to Mr. Lurie.  It has been a long time since the 1960 celebration, and won't it be sweet to win it all on a certain Texas football club's home field?

So, until then, we wait to see what this off season's master plan reveals.  So far, the team has the look of one that plans to re--write the book and close a few chapter's  dealing with some players that have moved on.  There will be new players taking their places hoping to write their own chapter in Eagles history.

Bob Seeger's mid '70's tune sets the tone for what has happened, and may yet still happen, within the locker room.  The Eagles, to a greater or lesser degree, are willing to "turn the page", and, we hope, move forward in the quest for the hardware we've been waiting so long for.