Juan Pablo Montoya: Has The Weight Challenged Lady Sung This Season?

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Juan Pablo Montoya: Has The Weight Challenged Lady Sung This Season?
Jerry Markland/Getty Images

Is this season just about over for the No. 42 team? Another wreck!
Another thirty something finish, this time at Martinsville.
I can hear the weight challenged lady singing. Well almost, she sounded a little off key, there is still plenty of time but the window to the chase is closing fast.

Both No. 42 and No. 1 Earnhardt-Ganassi Racing teams had tire problems today, or maybe just bad set-ups.
It appears this “wrecking stuff “will be the trend for the No. 42tean in the 2010 season.
It's irrelevant what the problem was, the point is No. 42 is about one race away from having to qualify every week.
That's incredible, talking about going backwards! They’re going backwards at warp time speed.

Can they blame it on bad luck?
Some people inherit their luck other folks just manufacture it, from all I’ve been reading, the reason for the blow outs was hot brakes.
Maybe No. 42 had no choice, they truly needed to get up front as soon as possible and maybe that’s why they melted the bead on those tires.

Too much braking and very little patience, but again they probably had no other choice given their starting place.

Now what?

Here a good goal for Juan Pablo Montoya and company, finishing the next few races in the lead lap, then try to get multiple top fifteens..

That should put them back into the same path they had last year, the shame of it all is that making the chase should get easier the second time around.

This team will be sweating the chase all year long.

Hope they enjoy their time off because the rest of the season will be a pressure cooker for the No. 42 team..

Good luck to them.

And as always I’m just a fan with an opinion and from what I understand everybody has one and I thank God for that.

Enough said.

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